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Primorsko Sea resort

Location: The town of Primorsko is relatively small as it has population of about 2,500 people. 52km south of Bourgas, the town lies on a cape jutting out between the Stamopolo Bay and the Dyavolski (Devil's) Bay. The town has two beaches, the Northern and the Southern ones. The former is more open and offers rough sea, which makes it treasured by surfers, while the latter is smaller and calmer, and hence preferred by families. Traditionally, the Southern Beach gets overcrowded during the top season, which makes holidaymakers sunbathe at nearby beaches, such as the one of the International Youth Centre. The youth centre is situated only 1-2 km to the south of the town and represents a typical holiday city for young people with plenty of villas, bungalows, hotels, bars, discos, and various sports grounds. The area is forested with deciduous trees and vegetation and is arranged as a cultivated park in an old oak wood.

History: The Ottoman-time village of Chenger (later known as Kyupria) grew into a modern resort only after the Liberation in the second half of the 19th century.

Climate: The climate is similar to the Mediterranean - summer is sunny and warm, with average temperature of 24 degrees centigrade. The breezes and the forests refresh the air in the daytime, and the nights are cool and pleasant. The unique nature is favorable for a long tourist season.

Places of Interest: The most popular nearby place is the river of Ropotamo, famous for the thick ('Longoz') forest, otherwise typical for tropical climates, along its banks. The marsh of Arkutino also falls within the boundaries of the natural reserve. Besides its attractive rocky formations, the right-hand bank of the river also features one of the largest natural reserves of Water Pelin - a rare and treasured herb - in the country. Unfortunately, the commercialisation of the Black Sea coast in the last few years is widely fuelling concerns about the future of the flora and fauna of the natural reserve.
The world famous Maslen Nos (The Oily cape) is situated some six kilometers southeast of the village of Primorsko. Maslen Nos Cape is noted for its fantastic and eye-catching natural fiord- like attraction. A unique sanctuary dating from ancient Thracian times can be visited at five kilometers north of the city- this is the biggest megalith sanctuary discovered so far in Eastern Thrace.

Catering: There are many small cafes, discos that open all night long and cheap places to eat. The small restaurants and refreshment stalls are infinite in number. The local canteens at the rest houses and camps are much sought after. The prices are not high but the canteens need a preliminary reservation.

Transport: Regular bus lines connect Primorsko to Bourgas and Sozopol. Similarly to other resorts along the coast, one can alsop rely on private buses, minibuses and taxis for smaller distances. There is also a small road 'train' for tourists, which travels between the nearby peer town of Kiten and Primorsko. The open vehicle is fuelled by gasoline and travels at a rather low speed.


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